Bowness Soapworks is a small handmade soap company located in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. With a love for all things nature, adventure and community, Bowness Soapworks was born. It is Soapwork's desire to empower community through offering products and create connections with the people in our community. When you buy a bar of Bowness Soapworks, you support a whole community of people and non profit organizations.

Each 100gm bar of soap is infused with ingredients picked by hand, with the help of little humans and community, Soapworks believe in creating natural soaps with simple and minimal ingredients.


A touch of turmeric gives this bar a splash of colour and character while keeping all the great scent and softness of the original bar! Lemon Grassi Lakes is one of our most popular scents, with a touch of earthy citrus, this is bound to invigorate your senses and freshen any space!

Our most popular charcoal soap, made with activated bamboo charcoal. Charcoal is known to remove impurities, reduce inflammation and clear pores. It also looks like rocks, and who doesn't love rocks?

Made with locally grown and harvested English mint. Handpicked, stripped and dried by little humans. This bar is truly a community soap made with love! Take it back to a simpler time using simpler ingredients and appreciating our senses.

Every batch and every bar of Bowness Special is unique and is inspired by
the people that make Bowness special. Where people come together from all
walks of life, this bar was created to represent the community. A community that comes together in times of need, no matter our backgrounds. A community made stronger by living, working and playing collaboratively. 

Made with locally roasted coffee (Nicaragua) from Devil’s Head Coffee located in the foothills of the Rockies sharing our love of adventure, family and community.

It’s a Buck Naked as soap gets with only 3 ingredients: Olive oil, glycerine, water. We believe in using the most simple and natural ingredients possible. When we realized how difficult it was for out community to find “plain” soap it became a priority for us to create a bar that was meant for everyone.


This balm has become a must have in our adventure packs and it smells amazing as well as moisturizers and soothes simultaneously! Our bug bites no longer itch for days or weeks on end with the balm! Reduces inflammation and itchiness. Natural repellants need to be applied more frequently. A safer alternative to other products, while not 100% bug proof- it’s not magic, it’s natural. Size 1 oz.

Includes a bamboo soap dish, a soap bag and 1 bar of soap. Bamboo is known for it's anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal  properties and one of the most sustainable resources available. The natural fibre soap bag is great for leftover soap ends or as a great exfoliating alternative that produces extra lather!