Scoop and Bake Muffin Dough

Choose from 6 fabulous flavours!

  • Trans-fat free
  • No preservatives added
  • Not available in stores
  • Each tub contains 2.7 lbs of dough- makes 24 muffins
  • Just thaw, scoop and bake - delicious gourmet muffins in minutes!


Scoop and Bake Muffin Dough

Get the banana-based nutrients you need and the chocolate you crave! Loved by kids and anyone who used to be one. 

A classic combination of warming, wholesome ingredients. Each muffin is like a just-right bowl of oatmeal you can eat without a spoon.

We invited Granny Smith’s signature tartness to the party to balance the sugar and spice to make everything nice.


A tongue-twister of a name, and a crowd-pleaser of a flavour. There’s a lot to love about these muffins and a whole lot of love in them.

Whether for breakfast or a midday boost, these healthy muffins are a delicious way of sneaking veggies into your day.

Sweet, tangy, and subtly nutty, this combination of lemon, honey, buttermilk, and poppyseeds is a winning one.